Announcing the Gateway Security EXPO!

The Alarm Association of Greater St Louis has teamed up with ASIS St Louis to create a new Midwest security EXPO, the Gateway Security Expo (GSX).

Both organizations have always put on a good show… but why always 2… just months apart?

The GSX will become the go-to expo for those who do not have the time or budget to travel across the country for a national show. The GSX will bring the local organization charm, but on a larger scale. The show will be “upgraded” with a larger venue, better food, more vendors, 100s more attendees, more classes, more prizes.

For the vendors, we are looking at having traditional table booths, and premium 10X10 pipe and drape booths. The location offers lots of parking, plenty of room for demo vehicles.  We are also looking into a lead retrieval partner with QR badge scanning.

Save the date now on your calendar… more details to come soon.

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